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Our team of professionals analyzes all potential defects, including quality issues, errors, architectural flaws, and craftsmanship problems. This is followed by a comprehensive internal and external inspection of every section of the new property.

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Home Orientation & Handover Services

Guiding new homeowners through their property, explaining how everything works, and finalizing the legal and financial steps to transfer ownership, ensuring the home meets agreed conditions.

New Handover Snagging Inspection

Our team meticulously examines new properties for both minor and major defects, focusing on quality issues, errors, and poor craftsmanship. This includes a detailed internal and external review of all property sections.

Resale Inspection

Our experts conduct detailed assessments of previously owned properties, identifying any structural issues, system malfunctions, and repairs. This includes both interior and exterior evaluations to ensure comprehensive understanding of the property’s condition and potential future investments.

Building Condition Audits

This service involves an in-depth evaluation of a building’s structural integrity, systems functionality, and exterior condition, helping owners and managers plan effective maintenance and improvements.

Thermographic Inspection

Using advanced infrared technology, our team non-invasively detects hidden issues such as heat loss, moisture intrusion, and electrical or structural anomalies, crucial for preventive maintenance and energy efficiency.

Our Comprehensive Services